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New Field-Tested Modules Have Been Released!

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

It is with great pleasure that we, the team at NCDB, opens 4 new, field-tested modules into our collection. If you are interested in taking the modules with a host or instructor, it may be that your state deaf-blind project partner is planning a hosted session in the future.

For now, anyone is welcome to enroll themselves into the master copies and take a look around. We are thankful for the amazing module creators and the reviewers that worked with NCDB to produce this resource.

Another field test of modules that are under development, hosted by Nancy Steele and Steven Davies, is currently launched! All of our modules go through two levels of review with people who "take" the modules as participants and people who have backgrounds in the field that serve as expert reviewers. Although, we have a full cohort of learners who are "taking" the modules, we are still needing interested expert reviewers. If you are interested in serving as an expert reviewer, please get in touch with me at It's a wonderful way to explore fresh content and to help improve the resource for everyone.

Stay tuned for future opportunities to test drive and help us refine this growing resource that supports the practice of intervention for students who are deaf-blind. Check out our group wiki to see what's on the horizon!

Amy Parker
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