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Fall Field Test Opportunity for New OHOA Modules

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

Welcome to Fall!

As you settle into your new routines and start looking in your closet for those long sleeved shirts, we wanted to offer you some freshly baked OHOA modules from our “test kitchen”, just to get your opinion on what we are cooking up with the community.

Sign-up to sample the flavor of these modules.

Accessing the Curriculum and the Environment- What does access mean to you? Getting in touch with your friends and family from any location? Come explore the what it means to support diverse students who are deaf-blind to have access to instruction and vital information in school. Discuss practical ways with fellow “taste testers” to offer support to students you may know.

Values, Ethics and Professionalism- Our values guide everything about what we do as individuals. Some may consider the topic of ethics to be an easy one, but in real life situations with real students, making ethical decisions can be complex. In this module, we explore this important issue with real world examples, guidelines and discussions that will help you work through how to apply ethics in educational settings with students who are deaf-blind.

Sexuality- Having good information about sexuality is not only a part of growing up, it is important part of life. For students who are deaf-blind, who don’t have the same access to environmental information, this topic may be avoided because educators and family members may not know how to address it or may feel uncomfortable in talking about sexuality. Come and learn about how to approach this topic with diverse learners who are deaf-blind and their teams.

If you are interested for more information see our formal letter of invitation below.

If you’re ready to sign-up now, here is a link to our entrance survey

If you have have any questions feel free to contact Leanne Cook via email at or Amy Parker at

Amy Parker

Posted Sep 24, 2015 by Amy Parker

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