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Field Test Opportunity- Module 22, 23 & 24

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

Earlier this month, in the great state of Pennsylvania, a famous groundhog named Phil, did not see his shadow, thus predicting an early Spring. As we wait for the tulips, daffodils and other spring flowers to bloom, come explore our garden of newly growing, community cultivated modules.

Here are the fresh modules available for this field test.

An Introduction to Sign Language and Braille

Sign language and braille are two vital but distinct communication systems that support access, literacy, and language development for many people who are deaf-blind. This module on sign language and braille presents a basic overview of each system and offers some case examples of students who use both to access the world around them. The goal of the Sign Language and Braille module is not to make learners fluent in these complex systems but to give learners an awareness, an appreciation and hopefully to spark their curiosity for learning more!

Behavioral and Environmental Supports

Providing behavioral and environmental support to individuals can be complex. In order to change behavior, we must understand it. In order to promote positive behavior, we must respect individuals that we serve. This module will help you understand the behaviors of children who are deaf-blind. You may find this information useful in creating more supportive learning environments and relationships with your students.

Transition to Adulthood and Community Living

In any culture, transitioning to adulthood is an exciting, rich and multi-layered journey. For individuals who are deaf-blind, having support, mentoring and encouragement to develop a vision for their future, a vocation for their lives, and a voice in their communities is vital. This module explores opportunities to encourage young adults who are deaf-blind in visioning, finding meaningful vocations, and developing self-determined voices.

Here is a letter of invitation with more details about the field test:

If you are interested, please use this sign-up form:

Amy Parker

Posted Feb 16, 2016 by Amy Parker

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