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Sharing a post from DeafBlind Citizens in Action- reflections on Helen Keller from DB people.

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

DeafBlind Citizens in Action
June 27 at 7:52pm ·
With birthday wishes pouring in for DeafBlind pioneer Helen Keller from around the world and Web, we at DBCA would like to take a moment to add to the conversation. The public discourse, such as it is, seems to be dominated by one, frozen image of Helen Keller: the DeafBlind girl at a well, being introduced to the linguistic concept of "water" by the determined Miracle Worker. She was oh, so much more than that. She was a motivational speaker, an author, an advocate for the rights of DeafBlind, women, the poor, and many more. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, ‪#‎HelenKellerGrewUp‬, and worked miracles in her own right.
As surely as Anne Sullivan demonstrated that teaching could be done to the DeafBlind, Helen Keller demonstrated that learning could be done by the DeafBlind, and a full life lived, too.
Today, we of DBCA and thousands of others acknowledge Helen as a pioneer, and we walk the trails she blazed with gratitude that she dared be among the first. But we also labor in the shadow of the Girl at The Well. At a time when the technology revolution and advances in teaching methodology extend the promise of unprecedented access for DeafBlind and other people with disabilities, we cannot permit either Helen Keller or ourselves to be reduced to one, frozen snapshot.
#HelenKellerGrewUp - millions of DeafBlind people around the world are growing up, growing old, and we need, demand that expectations grow with us. ‪#‎BeyondTheGirlAtTheWell‬ - we are Harvard graduates, old hippies, stressed college students, jokesters, and nerds; we dance, we troll on Facebook, we play rock 'n' roll from our wheelchairs; heck, some of us are even boys. DBCA takes its strengths from such diversity, and we are committed to facilitating access to every area of the human experience for DeafBlind and people with disabilities in general.
Please visit our website to learn more about us at

Amy Parker

Posted Jun 29, 2016 by Amy Parker

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