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American Annals of the Deaf, Fall, 2016- Special Issue on Deafblindness

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

Many of leaders in the field have published in this issue by American Annals of the Deaf on Deafblindness! Dr. Susan Bruce, Dr. Cathy Nelson, Dr. Tanni Anthony, Dr. Silvia Correa Torres, Dr. Tim Hartshorne, Dr. Elizabeth Hartmann, and more!

Amy Parker

Posted Nov 15, 2016 by Amy Parker

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Comments (5)

You are more than welcome, Lyn. So glad that the Annals offered this special issue on deafblindness.

Amy Parker

Posted Dec 5, 2016 by Amy Parker

Amy -- thanks so much for this posting, Lyn

Lyn Ayer

Posted Dec 2, 2016 by Lyn Ayer

Great Angel! Yes, I saw you were an author! Good to know that many libraries can get this to share with students for free and also the issue is available for purchase from GU press. Cheers and congratulations to you, Angel!

Amy Parker

Posted Dec 2, 2016 by Amy Parker

Thank you both for sharing this. I have a vested interest in this particular Issue.

Angel Perez

Posted Dec 2, 2016 by Angel Perez

Great stuff !

Mike Fagbemi

Posted Nov 16, 2016 by Mike Fagbemi

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