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Developing and Implementing Action Research Studies in DeafBlindness

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

Dr. Susan Bruce, Professor of Special Education at Boston College and Chair of the Department of Teacher Education, Special Education, Curriculum and Instruction, and Coordinator of the Masters Degree Program in Severe Disabilities with an optional specialization in deafblindness, presented a webinar on June 21 on the topic of action research. Here is the link to the recording and accompanying materials:

Action research is a type of problem-solving research that is responsive to complex contexts, such as classrooms. Collaborative action research may involve entire teams, focused on addressing a question of interest. The purpose of this presentation was to introduce practitioners to the action research process, which involves: identifying a problem, forming a research question, determining and then implementing an intervention, collecting and analyzing data, changing the intervention in response to data (through additional action cycles), and dissemination. Resources were provided that can be used to build your knowledge and skills beyond the webinar.

This action research presentation was a part of a series of webinars intended to review and discuss recent research findings from the field of Deaf-Blindness, addressing “what we know”, “what we need to know”, and “what we might do about this” as a field.

Dr. Bruce presented a webinar in December titled: “Assessment and Instruction of Students Who Are Deafblind: What is the State of Our Evidence?” That December webinar as well as webinars from March (when the focus was on professional development – personnel preparation) and the April and May webinars (with a focus on recent research based information to help us in our knowledge of how to best help children who are Deaf-Blind communicate and learn) were recorded.

Here is a link to past webinar recordings in this series, accompanying materials and forum postings for post-webinar discussions on these past topics:

Linda McDowell

Posted Jun 21, 2017 by Linda McDowell

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Comments (6)

Thanks for making this recording available....a great webinar! Sherri nelson


Posted Jun 27, 2017 by SHERRI NELSON

Many thanks for this. I will listen to the webinar tonight.

Andrew Carnegie

Posted Jun 26, 2017 by Andrew Carnegie

Thank you, Linda for sharing. I will listen to webinar.

Marites Altuna

Posted Jun 25, 2017 by Marites Altuna

I'm so thankful for the knowledge that Dr, Susan Bruce brings to us on what action research can do for children who are DeafBlind and those of us who work to see them successful in their learning. And, i'm overjoyed by her enthusiastic offering of support and collaboration.

Linda McDowell

Posted Jun 22, 2017 by Linda McDowell

LInda...thanks for making the recordings available so quickly! Sorry I missed yesterdays presentation....Sherri Nelson


Posted Jun 22, 2017 by SHERRI NELSON

What are examples of typical problems you have in your technical assistance work with students who are deafblind? What are the actions you consider for addressing these problems that could translate into researchable questions and interventions with data sources that would result in studies that could add information on “what works” in our field of deafblindness?

Linda McDowell

Posted Jun 21, 2017 by Linda McDowell

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