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Assessment, Planning, and Instruction Initiative

The Assessment, Planning, and Instruction Initiative began October 1, 2018 as an expansion of NCDB’s Literacy Initiative. Activities will include identifying and developing information and products to promote the use of high-quality practices for the entire spectrum of children with deaf-blindness (e.g., different etiologies and severities of deaf-blindness, all age groups, those with and without additional disabilities and health problems, emerging and proficient communicators). Literacy products and services developed during the previous 2013-2018 project cycle are still available as outlined below.

Initiative Lead

Technical Assistance & Support

For more information about what's to come, see Assessment, Planning, and Instruction Initiative: Planned Activities.

Initiative Background & Data Facts
The national work in literacy has been developing for 10 years. Understand the story behind the ongoing work.

Tools for Technical Assistance

Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss Website
This website is an online tool that makes available step-by-step strategies for teaching literacy to students at any developmental level. The website can be used by teachers, state deaf-blind projects, and families.

Informational Flyer
The Literacy Work Group has developed a flyer about the Literacy website to be distributed to families. It creates awareness of the link between communication and literacy and the tools on the Literacy website. The flyer can be tailored to include specific state project information.

Families Matter Stories
Families of children who are deaf-blind share their stories through video. Each story contains a demonstration of literacy practices and resources.

Selected Topics - Literacy
A broad range of resources and information related to literacy.

Initiative Group Forum
We learn from each other. We encourage you to reach out to your colleagues at NCDB or in other states with questions, ideas, or strategies to share.

Products in Development

Module for Teaching Use of the Literacy Website

Future work for this initiative is centered on the development of a module that will provide a systematic method of delivering technical assistance around literacy instruction. The module will be used to raise awareness of the importance of literacy for students who are deaf-blind and show that literacy development is possible for all children. It will provide an overview of literacy components and stages. Participants will learn how to assess children to determine where to begin instruction and become familiar with the structure of the literacy website.

Network Collaboration

Deaf-Blind TA Literacy Workgroup

The Literacy Work Group is made up of members of the National Deaf-Blind TA Network and collaborating partners who meet once a month to collectively create and update resources as well as share ideas and expertise around the literacy website and literacy efforts within their states. If you are interested in what this group is accomplishing or would like to join, contact Initiative Lead, Julie Durando.

Current Initiative Activities

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