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Sharing Your Bookmarks

Want to show a list of resources you’ve gathered to a coworker? Share a particularly interesting article on Facebook? In the My Bookmarks section of your profile, there are several options for sharing bookmarks.

  • To email a bookmark: Click the Share button next to the bookmark and then the Email button. Your email program will create a message with a link to the bookmarked item.
  • To post a bookmark on Facebook: Click the Share button next to the bookmark and then the Facebook button. You will be redirected to Facebook, where you can use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to choose where to post the item (your own Timeline, a friend’s, etc.). Click Post to Facebook at the bottom of the page to finish.
  • To get a URL: Click the blue Category URL button to display a concise URL for the page of bookmarks you are viewing. You can then copy and paste it into an email or elsewhere. (Note that this button will NOT show up on the All Bookmarks page.)

Screenshot of My Bookmarks showing sharing options

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