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Adding News & Events

To add a new announcement...

  1. In the News & Events section of a group, click the New Event button. Note that this button will only show up if you are a member of the group (and are logged into the site). You need to join a group before you can post an announcement.
  2. A form will come up. Fill in a title for your news or event.
  3. In the large text box, enter your news or a description of your event. You can use the icons along the top of the text box to format your text, add links, add images, and attach files. To see what an icon is for, hover your mouse over it, and a description will pop up.

    Note:  If you copy and paste your text from elsewhere, the formatting probably won’t carry over well. It’s generally easier to retype the information, or to save it as plain text on your computer to strip out the formatting before you copy and paste it.
  4. Select a category from the drop-down list.
  5. If you’re posting an event, fill in the beginning and ending dates and times. Click on the grid icons to the right of the date boxes to bring up a calendar where you can choose your date. Type in the times, making sure to include “am” or “pm.” Choose the correct time zone from the drop-down list. Make sure “Display dates for this entry?” is checked.

    If you’re posting a news story, leave the start date alone, but fill in the end date with the final day you want the announcement to appear on the website. Uncheck “Display dates for this entry?”
  6. You can fill in the address for the event if you want to (or you can just include the location in the main text box above).
  7. Click Save event and you’re done!

Screenshot of form to add new announcement/event

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