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Navigating a Group

Move through a group using the menu on the left side of the page. The following sections will be found in every group:

Group News & Events
Here you can view or post news items or upcoming events. See the Events Help Guide for more information.

Group Members
This section lists all the members of the group with their contact information. Click on the name of a member to visit their profile.

Group Materials
Here members can upload documents or post links to share with the rest of the group. This creates a collection of materials that are relevant to the focus of the group. See the Materials Help Guide for more information.

Group Forum
Here members can discuss topics related to the group’s work. You can post a new thread or add comments to existing ones. See the Forums Help Guide for more information.

Group Wiki
Wikis can be used by group members to individually or collectively develop content. Any group member can add a new wiki page or modify an existing one. You can add images, videos, files, tables, and formatting to a wiki page. See the Wikis Help Guide for more information.

Screenshot showing group menu

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