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Adding Materials

  1. In a group, click on Group Materials in the menu on the left side of the page.
  2. Click the gray Add Material button. Note that this button will only show up if you are a member of the group (and are logged into the site). You need to join a group before you can post materials.
  3. A form will come up. Enter a title for your item.
  4. Select a folder from the drop-down menu. If you don’t see a folder that makes sense for your item, you can create a new one—click Add or Edit Folders, enter a name for the new folder, and click Add. You will then need to choose the new folder from the drop-down menu.
  5. Enter a short description of your item—this will give people an idea of what it is and whether it’s likely to be useful to them. You can also include anything else you think people should know about the item, e.g., who developed it, when it was developed, whether it’s a draft or final version, etc.
  6. If your item is a website or online document (rather than a file you’re uploading from your computer), put the URL into the Link URL box. Otherwise, leave this box blank.
  7. If your item is a file from your computer, click the Add Files button. A dialog box will appear. Click Add file, choose a file from your computer, and click Open. The file will upload.

    Note:  You can upload more than one file (for example, if you want to include both a Word and PDF version of a document or your document is in multiple parts). Just click Add Files again.
  8. Click Save Material and you’re done!

Important!  Keep in mind that anyone visiting the site can view and download materials posted in public groups. If you don’t want an item to be available to the public, you may want to find a different way of sharing it. Materials posted in private groups are only visible to members. (Visit the Groups Help Guide for more information about public and private groups.) In addition, please keep copyright considerations in mind and don't post articles from subscription-based publications or databases.

Screenshot of form to add new materials

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