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Adding Content & Formatting

When you’re editing a wiki page, the toolbar along the top allows you to add formatting (such as bold and italics), bulleted or numbered lists, images, videos, files, links, tables, colored bars, and menus.  To see what an icon on the toolbar is for, hover your mouse over it, and a description will pop up.  

Screenshot of wiki toolbar

To add text:

If you copy and paste text from elsewhere, the formatting may not carry over well. It’s generally easier to save it as plain text on your computer to strip out the formatting before you copy and paste it into the wiki.

To add an image:

Insert Image icon

Click the Insert Image icon. A dialog box will appear--either drag and drop a file into the box or click Choose File to select one from your computer. 

Note:  Once the image is uploaded to the wiki page, click on it to bring up another dialog box, and under Title, enter a brief description for the image. This is important for accessibility. (If you want the image to act as a link to another webpage, you can also enter a URL in the Link field.)

To add a video:

Insert Video icon

Click the Insert Video icon to add (embed) a video from YouTube or Vimeo so that it shows up right on the wiki page. A dialog box will appear where you can paste in the YouTube or Vimeo embed code. (On YouTube, you can find this by clicking on Share and then Embed below the video. On Vimeo, click Share, and a box will come up that includes the embed code.)   

Note:  Please make sure that you add a title attribute to the embed code (as shown below in the red box) with a brief description of the video. It should be formatted as follows: title="Video: Description of video goes here" (don't forget the quote marks, and make sure to include a space before title and after the final quote marks). This is important for accessibility.

Screenshot of dialog box to insert video

To add a file:

Insert File icon

Click the Insert File icon to attach a document to the wiki page (such as a Word document or PDF). A dialog box will appear where you can enter a name for your document and either drag and drop a file into the box or click Choose File to select one from your computer. 

To create a table:

Table icon

Click the Table icon for a drop-down menu where you can add a table or edit an existing one. 

To insert a link:

Link icon

Click the Link icon and choose Insert link in the drop-down menu. A dialog box will appear where you can enter the URL as well as the text that will display on the page and act as the link. There are also buttons that allow you to insert an email address, or materials or wiki pages from elsewhere in the group.

Screenshot of dialog box to insert link

To add bars, headers, and menus:

Clips icon

Click the Clips icon for a dialog box where you can select colored bars, headers, menus, and layout options to add some variety to your wiki page. Click on an item to insert it--you can always delete it again if you don't like it. If you insert the red or blue bars, you can type in them and use them as headers for different sections of your page. 

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