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DeafBlind Intervener/Paraprofessional NY


Intervener for a 10-year-old DeafBlind student with CHARGE Syndrome, who attends a school for the Deaf in Queen, NY. An Intervener facilitates access to instruction, communication, and concept development for a student who is DeafBlind. Deafblindness, represented in varying degrees of hearing and vision loss, is a disability of access to people and things in the environment. The role of an intervener is necessary in order for the student to participate and interact effectively with the environment, serving as a bridge between the child and their world. The intervener works cooperatively with the teacher and related service provider in order to meet the educational goals of the child. The intervener will have on-going communication with the state deafblind project. 


  1. Experience with and/or desire to work with students who are DeafBlind (dual sensory loss) and/or multiple disabilities. 
  2. Must be fluent in American Sign Language and posses knowledge of tactile sign language. 
  3. Be willing to participate in ongoing, approved training on topics related to deafblindness. 
  4. Completion of online free modules (OHOA) on deafblindness. 

Reports to:

The intervener works with the child's educational team, district representative, and closely with the child to make sure the IEP, strategies and best practices are used throughout the school day. 


  1. Assists the DeafBlind student to actively participate in his daily activities. 
  2. Provides supports and access to his environment in which the student can learn. 
  3. Follows the direction and supervision of the classroom teacher.
  4. Actively participates in the Individualized Educational program (IEP) planning process and assists in the development and implementation of goals outlined int eh student's IEP. 
  5. Creates instructional materials and modifies classwork as needed so the child can access the classwork, and understand concepts. 
  6. Adheres to NYC Department of Education rules, policies and procedures.

Terms of employment:

  • 12-month assignment-follows NYC schol day (8am-2:35pm) holiday breaks 9Total 212 days a year)
  • Independent Contractor with competivie hourly rate
  • Extra 5 hours for ho,me instruction per week (Optional)
  • Benefits NOT included 
Qualified Deaf, hard-ofhearing and hearing candidates who possess fluency in sign language strongly encouraged to apply. 

Postion available at the start of January 2019.

Interested parties please contact 

NCDB : The Research Institute : Western Oregon University : 345 N. Monmouth Ave. : Monmouth, OR 97361
Contact Us: 800-438-9376 |

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