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Webinars presented by NCDB from 2013 - 2017

2013 Introduction to the New NCDB

2014 Drop In Hosted Conversations - Early Identification & Referral

2014 Drop In Hosted Conversations - Family Engagement

2014 Drop In Hosted Conversations - Meet and Greet New Project Specialist Megan Cote

2015 National Webinar - A Conversation with Linda McDowell (September)

2015 Webinar for New State Project Staff (March)

2015 Webinar Meet and Greet Linda McDowell and Sam Morgan (March)

2016 DB Summit Planning Webinar (Part 2)

2016 National Webinar: Building Partnerships and Networks with HKNC Regional Reps

2016 National Webinar: Intervener Competency-Base E-Portfolio: Beta Test Update

2017 National Webinar: Introductory Tour: A Framework for Training Early Intervention Practitioners

2017 National Webinar: Update of the Deaf-Blind Child Count

2017 Webinar Nacional: La Historia de un Padre

2012 NCDB Literacy Site Webinar

2013 - Physical Education for Children who are Deafblind

2013 All Children Can Read: A Tour of NCDB's Literacy Website

2013 Common Core Standards - Assessment Consortia: An Overview

2013 Common Core Standards: Understanding the Basics and Identifying Implications for Children Who Are Deaf-Blind

2013 Common Core Standards: Teaching to the Common Core Standards

2013 Customized Employment: The Role of the Discovery Process in Transition Planning for Young Adults with Disabilities, including Deaf-Blindness

2013 Early Identification and Referral Self-Assessment Guide Webinar

2013 NCDB Website Introduction and Tour

2013 Open Hands, Open Access: Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules Webinar

2013 Using Social Media to Increase Family Leadership

2014 A Conversation on Intellectual Assessment: What Parents Need to Know

2014 CHD7 and CHARGE Research: Unveiling the Mysteries

2014 Conociendo los derechos básicos de Educación Especial

2014 Families Lead Website Tour with Kathy McNulty

2014 Looking to the Future of Deaf-Blind Services and the Role of Interveners

2014 Role of the Intervener in the Home and Community across the Life Span

2014 Social Behavior - Let's Talk about it

2014 The Impact of Technology in the Life of a Person who is Deaf-Blind

2014 Using Second Life to enhance the employment skills of adults with disabilities.

2015 Catching up with Transition Drop-In Webinar (April)

2015 CHARGE Syndrome Webinar - Strategies for Success that Work: at Home and in the Community (May)

2015 CHARGE Syndrome Webinar: Why Does My Child Do That? Compulsive Behaviors & OCD in CHARGE Syndrome (February)

2015 EI&R Webinar Series - Action Planning & Evidence Based Practices for the Self-Assessment Guide (October)

2015 EI&R Webinar Series - Using the Self-Assessment Guide (October)

2015 EI&R Webinar Series: Part C and the Self Assessment Guide (November)

2015 Identificación e Intervención Temprana (Marzo/March)

2015 National Deaf-Blind Child Count Drop-in Webinar (February)

2015 National Webinar - CEC Knowledge and Skill Competencies for Interveners and Teachers (November)

2015 National Webinar - Strategies for Child-Focused TA Provided by State Deaf-Blind Projects (December)

2015 Transiciones en la Vida del Estudiante con Sordo-Ceguera (Junio/June)

2016 DB Summit Planning Webinar (Part 1)

2016 EI&R Webinar Series: Community Programs and the Self-Assessment Guide

2016 EI&R Webinar Series: EHDI and the Self-Assessment Guide

2016 EI&R Webinar Series: The Medical Community and the Self-Assessment Guide (January)

2016 EI&R Webinar Series: Working in Community Programs

2016 National Webinar: Assessment and Instruction of Students Who Are Deafblind: What is the State of Our Evidence?

2016 National Webinar: Building Our Community and Network Engagement

2016 National Webinar: Communication Matrix Virtual Community of Practice

2016 National Webinar: Family Tour of the NCDB Website

2016 National Webinar: Highlighting Collaborations: State DB Projects and Parent Centers (Part 1)

2016 National Webinar: Highlighting Collaborations: State DB Projects and Parent Centers (Part 2)

2016 National Webinar: National Intervener Certification E-Portfolio (NICE)

2016 National Webinar: Sharing Results from the Family-to-Family Communities Pilot

2016 National Webinar: Transforming Instruction for Students with Deafblindness

2016 National Webinar: Transition - National Conversation, National Planning

2016 Spanish Webinar Series: Comunicación

2016 Spanish Webinar Series: Hermanas & Hermanos

2017 DB Summit Webinar: Planning and TA Guide Discussion

2017 EI&R Webinar Series: Early Identification and Referral: Working with the Medical Community

2017 National Webinar: Identifying Learner Preferences and Utilizing Results in Designing Instructional Communication

2017 National Webinar: A Parent's Story

2017 National Webinar: Brain Research: How Can Current Research Guide Us in Improving Practices For Children and Youth Who Are Deafblind?

2017 National Webinar: Comprehensive Personnel Development in Deafblind Education: Exploration of a Model

2017 National Webinar: Developing and Implementing Action Research Studies in Deafblindness

2017 National Webinar: Educational Considerations for Students with Usher Syndrome

2017 National Webinar: National Family Needs Assessment Results

2017 National Webinar: OHOA Modules and Their Implications for Part C Providers

2017 National Webinar: Perceived Needs of Teachers of Students Who are Deafblind: Implications for Training Programs

2017 National Webinar: Project Core: An Implementation Model for Building Early Symbolic Communication

2017 National Webinar: Starting a National Dialogue on Finding Children with Usher Syndrome

2017 Spanish Webinar Series: ASOCIACIONES Y TRABAJO EN EQUIPO Sólo no puedo, pero en equipo si!

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