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Archived Webinars

Webinars presented by NCDB from 2013 - 2015

2013 Introduction to the New NCDB

2014 Drop In Hosted Conversations - Early Identification & Referral

2014 Drop In Hosted Conversations - Family Engagement

2014 Drop In Hosted Conversations - Meet and Greet New Project Specialist Megan Cote

2015 Identificación e Intervención Temprana (Marzo/March)

2015 National Webinar - A Conversation with Linda McDowell (September)

2015 Webinar for New State Project Staff (March)

2015 Webinar Meet and Greet Linda McDowell and Sam Morgan (March)

2012 NCDB Literacy Site Webinar

2013 - Physical Education for Children who are Deafblind

2013 All Children Can Read: A Tour of NCDB's Literacy Website

2013 Common Core Standards - Assessment Consortia: An Overview

2013 Common Core Standards: Understanding the Basics and Identifying Implications for Children Who Are Deaf-Blind

2013 Common Core Standards: Teaching to the Common Core Standards

2013 Customized Employment: The Role of the Discovery Process in Transition Planning for Young Adults with Disabilities, including Deaf-Blindness

2013 Early Identification and Referral Self-Assessment Guide Webinar

2013 NCDB Website Introduction and Tour

2013 Open Hands, Open Access: Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules Webinar

2013 Using Social Media to Increase Family Leadership

2014 A Conversation on Intellectual Assessment: What Parents Need to Know

2014 CHD7 and CHARGE Research: Unveiling the Mysteries

2014 Conociendo los derechos básicos de Educación Especial

2014 Families Lead Website Tour with Kathy McNulty

2014 Looking to the Future of Deaf-Blind Services and the Role of Interveners

2014 Role of the Intervener in the Home and Community across the Life Span

2014 Social Behavior - Let's Talk about it

2014 The Impact of Technology in the Life of a Person who is Deaf-Blind

2014 Using Second Life to enhance the employment skills of adults with disabilities.

2015 Catching up with Transition Drop-In Webinar (April)

2015 CHARGE Syndrome Webinar - Strategies for Success that Work: at Home and in the Community (May)

2015 CHARGE Syndrome Webinar: Why Does My Child Do That? Compulsive Behaviors & OCD in CHARGE Syndrome (February)

2015 EI&R Webinar Series - Action Planning & Evidence Based Practices for the Self-Assessment Guide (October)

2015 EI&R Webinar Series - Using the Self-Assessment Guide (October)

2015 EI&R Webinar Series: Part C and the Self Assessment Guide (November)

2015 National Deaf-Blind Child Count Drop-in Webinar (February)

2015 National Webinar - CEC Knowledge and Skill Competencies for Interveners and Teachers (November)

2015 National Webinar - Deaf-Blind Child Count (October)

2015 National Webinar - Strategies for Child-Focused TA Provided by State Deaf-Blind Projects (December)

2015 Transiciones en la Vida del Estudiante con Sordo-Ceguera (Junio/June)

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