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The materials presented here on interpreting with deaf-blind people are intended for interpreters and interpreter educators. The categories below separate the selection of articles, books and media into topics that inform our discussions as interpreters. Also included are materials written for deaf-blind consumers on advocacy and working with interpreters. Most of what is included here is available from the DB-LINK Library at NCDB. For additional information contact us at

Full Bibliography as Single Document

Recommended Resources

Additional Resources

Advocacy and Rights

Anatomy of an Interpretation

Communication and Communication Methods

Coordination of Interpreting Services

Culture and Community

Curricula/Educational Resources

General Information on Deaf-Blindness

Interpreting with Deaf-Blind People - General Information

Interpreting with Deaf-Blind People - General Information for the Deaf-Blind Consumer

Interpreting with Deaf-Blind People - The Deaf-Blind Perspective

Interpreting with Deaf-Blind People - Theatrical Settings

Interpreting with Deaf-Blind People - Trilingual Interpreting

Interview with Terra Edwards

NIEC Deaf-Blind Interpreting Classroom Module

Preparing for an Interpreting Assignment

Pro-Tactile: The DeafBlind Way (Vlog # 2)

Pro-Tactile: The DeafBlind Way (Vlog # 3)

Pro-Tactile: The DeafBlind Way (Vlog # 4)

Pro-Tactile: The DeafBlind Way (Vlog #1)

Process Model for Deaf-Blind Interpreting Webinar

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) VIEWS Articles

Research and Theory in Deaf-Blind Interpreting

Strategies on Infusing Deaf-Blind Related Content into the IEP Curriculum – A Share Shop Amongst Instructors

Support Service Providers (SSP)

Video Examples of Deaf-Blind Interpreting

WASLI Deaf-Blind Interpreting Guidelines

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