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Social Interactions

This section contains information and suggestions for parents and teachers to help children who are deaf-blind learn to interact and make friendships with other children. Also included here is help with behavioral problems.

Fundamental Classroom Conditions to Enhance Learning Experiences for Students Who Are Deaf-Blind

Harmonious Interactions

Making the Case for Social Skills

Positive Behavioral Supports and Social Relationships

To Live, To Love, To Work, To Play: Blending Quality of Life Into the Curriculum

Developing and Maintaining Community Connections and Friendships

FACT SHEET: Integrating Your Child or Youth Who Is Deaf-blind into Groups: Strategies for Families and Caregivers (fourth article)

Fact Sheet: Promoting Interactions with Siblings and Peers

Media Presentations on Interaction & Bonding

More on Social Interactions

Social Interaction with Peers

Social Skills Bibliography

The Power of Connection

Transition - Friendship and Social Networks Bibliography

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