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by DB-LINK on May 1, 2011
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This is a partial list of materials on this topic available from the DB-LINK Catalog Database.  If you have additional questions, please contact us via email:

Updated 5/2011


Always Change : A New Journey Begins/ Pollington, Carol. 2008, 4. TALKING SENSE, Vol. 52, Summer 2008, pp. 30-33. This article is a personal narrative by a woman with Usher 2. It deals with the transitions that occur and how she has coped with her loss of vision, loss of hearing, how the changes affected her family and her thoughts on becoming an older woman. At the end of the article she lists some of the things that have helped her with the changes within her life.


ELISKA : A Story of a Deafblind Girl / Jarnikova, Ivana. -- Association for Early Intervention: 2006, 44. Eliska is a 6-year-old girl from the Czech Republic who is deaf-blind. This book, written by her mother, is her personal story of their family's journey and Eliska's development and education.


Never Give Up / McMinn, Irene. -- AUSTRALIAN DEAFBLIND COUNCIL: 2003, 5. ADBC BEACON, #24, September 2003, pp. 10-15.This article, written by the president of the Australian Deafblind Council, who is deafblind with Cerebral Palsy, is an autobiographical account. The author tells her story, how her parents kept her out of an institution, and her experience with a vibro-tactile aid. She then tells the story of how she met a young deafblind girl and was able to help her learn to communicate. The article includes real-life advice and encourages others with deafblindness never to give up their dreams.


NFADB "Must Share" Moments-- NFADB: 2004, 3. NEWS FROM ADVOCATES FOR DEAF-BLIND, vol. 8, #2, Spring-Summer 2004, pp. 7-9.This article is a collection of shared stories about experiences parents and families of children with deafblindness have had. Many of the stories describe the good deeds performed by strangers or people whose lives their son/daughter touched.


Personal Account : Opening Doors / Prouty, Sally; Prouty, Bill, CHARGE ACCOUNTS, Summer 2004, pp. 2-3. (2004)This article describes the experiences of a parent of a child with deafblindness. Discusses the use of the term "deaf-blind" including the benefits and possible stigmatism attached to it. Discusses how to obtain the education and resources that are imperative to a child with deafblindness.


Victory and Fragrance: Kai Hsin's Story / Hawai‘i Deaf-Blind Project. -- Hawaii Deaf-Blind Project: 2010, 17 minutes.This DVD tells the story of Kai Hsin, a girl with CHARGE Syndrome who was born with multiple disabilities. The video is narrated by Kai Hsin's mother who describes her daughter's history of medical problems and surgeries, the educational and other special services that helped her learn and develop, and how she and her husband have cared and advocated for Kai Hsin throughout her life. Kai means "victory" and Hsin means "fragrance." Her parents hope that her life will be a victory over her disabilities and bring fragrance to the world around her. At the end of the video, Kai Hsin (now 11 years old), who communicates via sign language, tells her own story of her family, her school, her interests, and what she would like to be when she grows up. Publisher's web site:


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