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by DB-LINK on Nov 30, 2009
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A number of excellent resources on Siblings are not available online. The following is a list of some key resources.  If you would like help in locating items on the list or getting additional information, contact us via email at

Supersibs – The Australian Experience/Wickham, Karen. 2009, In 2006 Senses Foundation established the "Super Sibs Program" to support siblings of children who are deafblind. The program is loosely based on the "Sib Shop" model by Don Meyer with adaptations to incorporate the unique issues that can be related to having siblings who are deafbind. DBI REVIEW, #44, June - December 2009, pp. 14-15

My Brother’s Keeper – the Sibling Experience/Weaver, Kathryn. 2007, 5. This is text of a workshop presentation given at the 14th DbI World Conference on Deaf-Blindness. This presentation describes how to make the life of a sibling easier in adjustment when a brother or sister is deafblind. 14th DbI World Conference on Deafblindness Conference Proceedings, September 25-30, 2007, Perth, Australia

Growing Up Together: Supporting Siblings of Children who are Deaf-Blind-- California Deaf-Blind Services: 2002, 2:00. This video is a taping of the October 24, 2002 California Deaf-Blind Services (CDBS) interactive satellite broadcast training by the same name. The target audience is primarily parents and school/agency personnel. A secondary audience for the training would be siblings themselves as they will enjoy hearing the similar experiences from other siblings of deaf-blind individuals. The training includes topics on adaptation and adjustment, variables affecting sibling experience and adjustment, self-reports and research.

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