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This is a list of products produced by Jan van Dijk. Order information is included in each summary.  If you have additional questions, please contact us via email:

Updated 10/2010


Charge Syndrome Revisited (2007): A 5 Year Follow-Up of 6 Children with CHARGE Syndrome --van Dijk, Jan; Nelson, Cathy; de Kort, Arno. AapNootMuis Educainment. (2007) This is an updated version of the following CD-ROMs: Living With CHARGE: Assessment, Prevention and Intervention of Challenging Behavior (2002) and Living With CHARGE: How to Deal with Challenging Behaviors and Enhance Communication (2005). In this newest edition, four of the original children have been recorded again and two new children have been added. Topics include intervention strategies specific to challenging behaviors, feeding problems, depression, cochlear implantation, communication, and literacy. Cost: $35.00. Available from: Vision Associates. Web:


Child-Guided Strategies : The van Dijk Approach to Assessment --Nelson, Catherine; van Dijk, Jan; Oster, Teresa; McDonnell, Andrea. Louisville, KY: American Printing House for the Blind, Inc. (2009) This guidebook describes the assessment of children who are deaf-blind using an approach developed by Dr. Jan van Dijk. Assessment techniques and general intervention strategies are provided for the following eight characteristics: behavioral state (state of arousal or alertness), orienting response (direction of attention to a stimulus), learning channels (sensory avenues children use to take in information), approach-withdrawal (what a child likes and dislikes), memory (processes that involve habituation, anticipation, and routine learning), social interactions, communication, and problem-solving. Videoclips of two children (ages 7 and 25 months) demonstrating the concepts described in the book are provided on a DVD. The book also describes how to write a summary of assessment findings and includes a sample assessment of an 18-year-old with multiple disabilities. Appendices contain parent interview questions, observation worksheets, and an assessment summary form. The forms are also provided on a CD. Publisher's web site:



Child-guided Strategies for Assessing Children who are Deafblind or have Multiple Disabilities [CD-ROM] --Nelson, Catherine; van Dijk, Jan, Dr. The Netherlands: AapNootMuis Educainment. ([2001]) Through the use of over 40 video clips, this interactive CD-ROM demonstrates strategies for determining how best to teach children who are deaf-blind or have multiple disabilities. Users are asked to answer several series of questions pertaining to the video clips. The answers are then discussed along with options for obtaining more information. Comprehensive assessments of two children follow the interactive overview. Using an interactive question and answer format, the viewer can design an individualized education program for the two children. The CD-ROM also contains an index of terms pertaining to deaf-blindness and multiple disabilities. Each term is defined, explained in depth, and illustrated by video clips. In addition to a comprehensive printed article detailing the assessment process, 12 full text articles by Dr. van Dijk and colleagues are included. The publications provide insight into how Dr. van Dijk views the assessment and education of children with deaf blindness and/or multiple disabilities. There is no publication date on the CD-ROM, but it became available in 2001. Now available in Spanish. The cost is $50.00. Available from Vision Associates. Web:


Contact: Understanding of Specific Interaction Characteristics to Build up Reciprocal Interaction with Congenital Deafblind Persons --van de Tillaart, Bernadette; Janssen, Marleen . AapNootMuis Productions. (no date) Individuals who are deaf-blind require a solid base of good interactions in order to develop feelings of security and competence. When a person who is deaf-blind and his or her interaction partner are able to attune their body language in such a way that they can share experiences and emotions, real contact in the form of affective involvement can come into existence. This contact is characterized by general interaction patterns, as well as deaf-blind specific interaction characteristics. The authors of this interactive CD-ROM developed an interaction model in which concepts such as opening and maintaining contact, initiatives and confirmations, exchange of turns, proximity, attention, intensity, and affective involvement are addressed. The model they developed can be used regardless of the age or communication level of the person who is deaf-blind. The model also can be used with individuals with other multiple disabilities as is appropriate. Implementation of this knowledge requires complementary training and support of the interaction partners in the deaf-blind individual's life such as parents, caregivers, and teachers. Available from Vision Associates, Web:


From Russia with Love and Care for Children with Sensory Impairment and Challenging Behaviours : Demonstration of an Intervention Model --van Dijk, Jan; Nelson, Catherine; van der Meer, Ton. AapNootMuis Productions. (2006) This CD-ROM is the result of cooperation between the authors and staff members of Children’s House at Sergiev Posad in the Russian Federation. From 2000-2005, the group collaborated as they studied children with multiple sensory impairments and moderate/severe challenging behaviors. The behaviors of six children are analyzed through video analysis, A-B-C analysis, and direct observation of target behaviors. Included is a demonstration of how their hypotheses are formulated and operationalized as the basis for interventions. The effect of the interventions is then shown in two follow-up measures. The model demonstrated is based on attachment theory and positive behaviour support. As an introduction to the actual assessment and intervention of the children’s behavior, the authors’ have designed and included a short interactive course on positive behavioral support (PBS). Some of the applied techniques of PBS are illustrated through video clips. The CD-ROM has an index of the most important concepts as they are used in behavior analysis and intervention. Available from the American Printing House for the Blind (CD-ROM: 1-31002-00). Phone: 800-223-1839. Web: E-mail: Cost: $50.00. 


Living With CHARGE : Assessment, Prevention and Intervention of Challenging Behavior [CD-ROM] --van Dijk, Jan; de Kort, Arno. Aap Noot Muis Educainment. (2003) This is an interactive CD-ROM on the behavior problems that are often associated with CHARGE Syndrome. Four children ranging in age from 15 months to 12 years and who exhibit stereotypical behavior, noncompliance, aggression, or self-injury are discussed. Through the use of video clips, challenging behaviors and the reactions of service providers are demonstrated. By means of questions and answers, the viewer is taken through a process of analyzing behaviors. The analysis leads to recommendations for prevention and intervention. The use of cochlear implants to prevent problem behaviors in some children is also addressed. Available from Vision Associates


Living With CHARGE : How to Deal with Challenging Behaviors and Enhance Communication: A Follow-up Study of Individuals with CHARGE Syndrome [CD-ROM] --van Dijk, Jan; Nelson, Cathy; de Kort, Arno. Aap Noot Muis Educainment. (2005) This is a follow-up to a CD-ROM produced in 2003 ("Living with CHARGE: Assessment, Prevention, and Intervention of Challenging Behavior"). It includes case studies, detailed information about medical and embryological aspects of CHARGE Syndrome, definitions, and articles. Cost: $40.00. Available from the American Printing House for the Blind. Phone: 800-223-1839. Fax: 502-899-2274. E-mail: Web: Publisher's web site:  

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