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by DB-LINK on May 1, 2011
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Many excellent publications on Functional Vision are not available online. The following is a list of some key resources. If you would like help in locating items on the list or getting additional information, contact us via email at

PERKINS ACTIVITY AND RESOURCE GUIDE: A Handbook for Teachers and Parents of Students with Visual and Multiple Disabilities/ Heydt, Kathy; Allon, Monica; Edwards, Susan; Clark, Mary Jane; Cushman, Charlotte. / Perkins School for the Blind. -- Perkins School for the Blind: 2004, various paginations.

This handbook in looseleaf format is intended to be used as a resource for professionals in many disciplines, parents, and other caregivers who are working with children with visual and multiple disabilities. It offers general guidelines and resources to be used as a springboard for teaching and addressing the wide range of educational needs of this student population. Chapter 11 covers the topic of enhancing the use of functional vision. It discusses types of vision loss, how environmental factors affect the use of vision, educational guidelines, activities and resources including eye pathologies and common functional problems as well as a developmental screening checklist for functional vision. Available for $80.00 from Perkins School for the Blind, Publications and Public Relations, 175 North Beacon St, Watertown MA 02472, or phone 617-972-7336 , or fax 617-972-7334. Publisher's web site:

Understanding Deafblindness: Issues, Perspectives, and Strategies--Alsop, Linda, M.Ed. (Ed.) Logan, UT: SKI-HI Institute, Utah State University. (2002)

A comprehensive 2-volume curriculum for parents, interveners, and service providers working with children and young adults who are deaf-blind. The first volume contains a chapter that introduces the topic of vision in a reader-friendly format. The chapter covers the visual system, types of vsion loss, causes of vision loss, and several pages on activities to increase the use of vision. Available from Hope Publishing, Inc. Phone/Fax: 435-245-2888 . E-mail: Publisher's web site:

ISAVE (Individualized, Systematic, Assessment of Visual Efficiency)--American Printing House for the Blind: (2000)

ISAVE is a functional vision assessment tool for use with sighted and visually impaired infants, the developmentally young and other difficult-to-test and severely physically impaired learners. The kit consists of text, protocols, and materials designed to help determine instructional entry level and programming strategies for visually impaired students. Available from the American Printing House for the Blind, 1839 Frankfort Avenue, P.O. Box 6085, Louisville, KY 40206-0085. Order Toll-Free: 800-223-1839. Publisher's web site:


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