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by DB-LINK on Nov 30, 2013
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Many excellent publications on Calendar Systems are not available online. The following is a list of some key resources. If you would like help locating items on the list or getting additional information, contact us via email at

Calendars,- Chapter 12 from Basic Skills for Community Living: A Curriculum for Students with Visual Impairments and Multiple Disabilities / Levack, Nancy (Ed.); Hauser, Susan (Ed.); Newton, Lauren (Ed.); Stephenson, Pat (Ed.) -- Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired: 1996/1997. The concrete calendars in this program originate from the anticipation shelves introduced at the co-active movement stage described in the early work of Jan van Dijk. The teachers and support staff at this school have taken these original concepts and modified them and developed creative ways to use calendars to meet the needs of their students. Much of their work is reflected in this section. Contact the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, 1100 West 45th Street, Austin, Texas 78756-3494 for further information regarding the curriculum.

Calendar Systems: Communication Skills and Strategies for Individuals Working with Young Children Who Have Sensory Impairments / Newman, Todd (ed.) / SKI*HI. -- HOPE Inc. 1997, 9:38. This video describes what calendar systems are and how they help a child with sensory impairments know what comes next in their day and what is happening around them. Provides some guidelines for using a calendar system, and how to create one. Describes information on how to choose which symbols for use in the system. Provides step-by-step information on how to assist a child in transitioning from an object calendar to a picture calendar. Includes a printed packet which contains the summary of the main points of the video, discussion topics, space for notetaking, and exercises for classroom application. From the series, What Do I Do Now? - Unit 12 Available from HOPE, Inc., 55 East 100 North, Suite 203, Logan, UT 84321; PH/FAX: (435) 752-9533. Publisher's web site:

Tactile Strategies for Children Who Have Visual Impairments and Multiple Disabilities: Promoting Communication and Learning Skills/ Chen, Deborah; Downing, June E. -- AFB Press: 2006. This book explains the importance of the sense of touch to communication and learning and discusses tactile adaptations to manual and alternative communication methods. It provides a systematic approach to selecting tactile strategies to meet an individual child's abilities and needs. Cost: $39.95. Available from AFB Press. Phone: 800-232-3044. E-mail: There is a also companion video (or DVD?. The book and video reflect the activities of Project SALUTE.


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