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by DB-LINK on Nov 30, 2008
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A number of excellent resources on Orientation & Mobility are not available online. The following is a list of some key resources.  If you would like help in locating items on the list or getting additional information, contact us via email at

Principles for Providing Orientation and Mobility to People with Vision Impairment and Multiple Disabilities --Sauerburger, Dona; Siffermann, Eileen; Rosen, Sandra. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORIENTATION & MOBILITY, vol. 1, #1, pp. 52-56. (2008) Describes the following basic principles underlying orientation and mobility services for individuals with multiple disabilities: understand that multiple disabilities have more impact than the simple addition of each disability; have high expectations for success; be functional in the processes of assessment and instruction; be creative and flexible, and design the program for the individual; encourage community participation even if it cannot be done independently; find resources and information related to each disability; and work with a team or in consultation with others who have expertise in the additional disabilities.

Hand in Hand : Essentials of Communication and Orientation and Mobility for Your Students Who Are Deaf-Blind Volume I --Huebner, Kathleen Mary (Ed.); Prickett, Jeanne Glidden (Ed.); Welch, Therese Rafalowski (Ed.); Joffee, Elga (Ed.) New York: AFB Press. (1995) This book is one of the materials to result from the AFB Deaf-Blind Project. These materials have two purposes: self-study and in-service training. This particular book is intended primarily for self-study. It is divided into three segments: Key Concepts, Communication, and Orientation and Mobility. Each of these segments is, in turn, divided into 20 self-contained modules which present essential information about deaf-blindness, how deaf-blindness affects learning, and how students who are deaf-blind can develop critical communication and O&M skills. (A second volume accompanies Vol. I. It has appendices containing medical and related information, assessment tools, and a resources list.) Available from: AFB Press, Customer Service, P.O. Box 1020, Sewickley, PA 15143. Phone: 800-232-3044. Fax: 412-741-0609. Cost: $64.95 for the 2 volume set. The complete series of Hand in Hand books and video are $169.95. Publisher's web site:

Understanding Deafblindness: Issues, Perspectives, and Strategies --Alsop, Linda, M.Ed. (Ed.) Logan, UT: SKI-HI Institute, Utah State University. (2002) A comprehensive 2-volume curriculum for parents, interveners, and service providers working with children and young adults who are deaf-blind. Aspects of deaf-blind programming covered also include chapters on gross motor development, fine motor development, O&M for children, and O&M for adolescents. Individual chapters were written by professionals with expertise in their respective subject areas. Available from Hope Publishing, Inc. Phone/Fax: 435-245-2888 .E-mail: Cost: $175.00.

Mobility Focus Developing Early Skills for Orientation and Mobility --Anthony, Tanni L.; Bleier, Hannah; Fazzi, Diane L.; Kish, Daniel; Pogrund, Rona L. New York: AFB Press. Early Focus: Working with Young Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired and Their Families. Rona L. Pogrund and Diane L. Fazzi (Eds.) (2002) This chapter focuses on key areas of orientation and mobility including strategies to promote motor development, developing and providing high quality O&M programs, sensory skills and concept development, the basic skills of using a human guide, protective techniques and trailing. The selection and use of appropriate mobility devices is also included.  

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