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This is a partial list of materials on this topic available from the NCDB Catalog Database.  If you have additional questions, please contact us via email:



Growing Up Together: Supporting Siblings of Children who are Deaf-Blind San Francisco: California Deaf-Blind Services. (2002) This video is a taping of the October 24, 2002 California Deaf-Blind Services (CDBS) interactive satellite broadcast training by the same name. The target audience is primarily parents and school/agency personnel. A secondary audience for the training would be siblings themselves as they will enjoy hearing the similar experiences from other siblings of deaf-blind individuals. The training includes topics on adaptation and adjustment, variables affecting sibling experience and adjustment, self-reports and research, implications for parents and children in families that include children with disabilities, and additional resources available on this topic. The presenter is Cathy Groves, Ph.D., a San Francisco based clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience as an educator and psychologist specializing in families of children with special needs. A copy of the presentation overheads is also included with the videotape. Publisher's web site:


International Program Models for Siblings of Children With Disabilities --Moore, Sheri B. DBI REVIEW, #38, July-December 2006, pp.44-46. (2006)The author discusses the challenges facing siblings with disabled brothers and sisters and provides an excellent section with useful material and references.


My Brother's Keeper - The Sibling Experience --Weaver, Kathryn. 14th DbI World Conference on Deafblindness Conference Proceedings, September 25-30, 2007, Perth, Australia. (2007)This is text of a workshop presentation given at the 14th DbI World Conference on Deaf-Blindness. This presentation describes how to make the life of a sibling easier in adjustment when a brother or sister is deafblind.


My Turn Now!/Rothenburg, Eleanore, Ph.D., CSW, CGP.TALKING SENSE, Summer 2003, pp. 24-27. (2003)This article describes how a pioneering support group is helping children with a disabled brother or sister to come together and share their experiences. Includes descriptions of how the program was developed as well as a complete description of a group session. It includes sections on starting with play, talking time, the group contract, resistance, and how the kids have grown together. Also includes a section on the children's response to 9/11.


Siblings are Doing It for Themselves/Kersten, Sabine. TALKING SENSE, Summer 2003, pp. 28-30. (2003) This article describes the experiences of a woman who is a sibling of a man with Usher Type I. She talks about the impact on her own childhood, her relationship with her brother, and their future. She also discusses a new sibling network that she is starting.


Siblings: Too Important to Ignore/Byrd, Herb; Prochaka, Tina; Robbins, Carol./ Sibshops. 7thInternational CHARGE Syndrome Conference, July 22nd - July 24th, 2005, Miami Beach, Florida (2005) Copy of a PowerPoint presentation. Lists the unusual concerns of children who have a sibling with a disability, the unusual opportunities, information needs, and the goals of sibling support programs. Publisher's web site:


SIBSHOPS: Workshops for Siblings of Children with Special Needs/Meyer, Don, M.Ed.; Vadasy, Patricia, Ph.D. -- Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co. 2008, 240. (2008) A guide to developing workshops where 8- to 13-year-old siblings of children with special needs can share stories, give and receive support, and have fun with other children who have similar experiences. It includes detailed instructions and forms (can be photocopied) that are needed to start, fund, and run a Sibshop, plus almost 100 inexpensive games and activities. Publisher's web site:


Special Brothers and Sisters --Wolf, Francesca. TALKING SENSE, Summer 2003, pp. 14-23. (2003) This article discusses issues faced by siblings of children with special needs. It includes several examples, written by family members, of how a sibling responded to and interacted with a special needs child. It includes the experience of the younger brother of a sister with CHARGE Association, the younger sister of a brother with Usher syndrome, and the brother of two siblings with disabilities. Also includes tips for parents on meeting siblings needs.


Through Your Eyes --Madsen, Michael and David Carradine. Houston, Texas: Hands Free Entertainment, Inc., Paul Hudson Productions. (2007) An independent movie production featuring the story of deaf-blind triplets, the Dunn triplets of Texas.


Untangling the knot --Amelio, Carolina. Talking Sense, Summer 2005, pp. 26-27. (2005) The author reflects upon her experiences of growing up with a deafblind brother and describes the research that has helped her shape her thinking.


Well-Grounded Star/Pompey, Keith. 2. THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, January (2006) This newspaper article is about Elena Delle Donne, a high school basketball athlete The 6-oot-5 sophomore is the centerpiece of a nationally renowned Ursuline Academy team, and an immense talent. Her hero is her older sister, Lizzi, who has cerebral palsy and is deaf and blind. Elena states what she wants most is to become a special education teacher who helps students like her sister.


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