Other Resources on (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder

by DB-LINK on May 1, 2011
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Many excellent resources on Central Auditory Processing Disorder/Auditory Neuropathy are not available online. The following is a list of some key resources. If you would like help locating items on the list or getting additional information, contact us via email at

Handbook of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder: Auditory Neuroscience and Diagnosis, Volume I / Musiek, Frank E., (Ed.); Chermak, Gail D., (Ed.) -- Plural Publishing, Inc: 2007, 502.The first of a two-volume series includes papers on central auditory processing disorder from the perspective of auditory neuroscience and clinical diagnosis. Covers diagnosis of the range of developmental and acquired CAPD disorders in children, adults, and older adults. Publisher's web site:

Handbook of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder: Comprehensive Intervention, Volume II / Musiek, Frank E., Ed.; Chermak, Gail D., Ed. -- Plural Publishing, Inc: 2007, 369.The second of a two-volume series, this book includes chapters on central auditory processing disorder from the perspective of advances in comprehensive intervention. Stressing the importance of a multidisciplinary approach, this text addresses assessment and treatment from the perspectives of speech-language pathology, psychology, and special education. Publisher's web site:

Sensory Perspectives DVD—SKI-HI Institute, Utah State University, 2003. This DVD includes a number of simulations where the user can combine a specific type of vision loss (e.g. acuity loss, field loss, or cortical visual impairment) with a specific frequency level of hearing loss or central auditory processing disorder.  

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