Technology Resources

by DB-LINK on May 1, 2013
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Technology Resources

Extensive database containing descriptive and source information on prodcucts and devices for the disabled. Search by disability, product name, product function.

ALVA Access Group
Hi-tech solutions for people who are blind and use computers.

APPLE/MAC computer accessibility
Accessible features, technologies and products for use with Mac OS X.

Enable Mart
Assistive technology devices arranged by function or type of product.

Enabling Devices
Section on toys for special children

Freedom Scientific
Technology-based products and services for people with vision impairments and learning disabilities.

Harris Communication
Products for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, including assistive listening devices, TTYs, amplified telephones, signalers, vibrating clocks, and sign language CDs, DVDs, books, and videos.

Independent Living Aids
Low vision aids.

Independent Living Technologies
Assisted living technology and products

Family Center on Technology and Disability
Wide range of information for families on issues and products. Parent support and advocacy.

Products for Independent Living.

Signtel Interpreter, Inc.
Free sign language software for schools and individuals that translates text into sign language viewed on a computer screen in real-time.

Products for visually impaired and blind people.

An online resource for amplified telephones, TTYs, TDDs, and assistive devices for the deaf and hard of hearing.

TRACE Center
Pioneer in the field of technology and disability. Current work focused on Universal Design.

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