2013 NCDB Website Introduction and Tour

by National Consortium On Deaf-Blindness on Jun 17, 2013
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Jos Vaught and Elena Moon, Exprima Media
Gail Leslie, NCDB
Jon Harding, NCDB

This Webinar was comprised of two interrelated parts:

  • (45 minutes): NCDB worked with Exprima Media, a design and development company, to conceptualize and design the new platform. Consultants and web-designers Jos Vaught and Elena Moon talk about how technology tools are being used by organizations large and small to strengthen and improve relationships and performance, and how they worked with NCDB to design the site to align with these principles.
  • 45 minutes): NCDB staff  demonstrated the new website features, explaining our initial focus. We previewed some of the interactive features of the site including personal profiles, bookmarks, connections, wikis, and forums. We also toured some of the more familiar, traditional website elements: the library, audience spaces, and events.

Recorded Webinar


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