Guidelines for Assessment of Cognition in Relation to Congenital Deafblindness

by Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues on May 21, 2014
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Developed by the Network on Cognition in Relation to Deafblindness, out of the Nordic Centre.  The long term goal of the network is to present developmental scales in the determining cognitive abilities, and the Guidelines are a first step towards description and analysis of cognition in deafblind interaction. These guidelines are written for professionals involved in the assessment of persons with congenital early deafblindness and cover deafblind specific aspects. The general guidelines include a model of cognition/development and assessment, addressing the issue of why and what to measure. The Guidelines are structured in three parts. Part I gives an introduction to the theoretical foundation of the work of the network and of the guidelines in the present booklet. Part II is an analysis of textbooks and introductions to assessment in general, that aim at teasing out general guidelines that need specific CDB focus. This part ends up in a set of recommendations for assessment of cognition in relation to CDB. Part III is a series of examples from our own work that present different  attempts at applying the presented guidelines and theoretical foundation, in combination with more specific assessment targets and procedures.

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