Distance Mentorship Facilitator’s Guide: Using Technology to Provide Consultation for Team Supporting Learners with Deaf-Blindness

by on Nov 30, 2013
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Distance Mentorship Facilitator’s Guide - Standard Print

The purpose of this Guide is to provide step-by-step support and recommended guidelines for TA providers and other consultants to establish and implement the DMP model to support school-based teams serving learners with deaf-blindness (DB). Our primary audience is DB TA providers in other states, and our focus in both content and examples will involve learners with DB, their families, and their school teams. But we also believe the DMP approach will be useful to other consultants, professional development specialists, and TA providers who are serving learners with a complex set of needs, or in providing more long-range and effective options for developing or reinforcing skills for use in the classroom. We believe this approach will enable states and other TA and professional development providers to multiply their impact both in terms of the quality and quantity of support they can provide to improve outcomes for children with DB. 

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