2018 Two-Part Webinar Series: Laying the Foundation for Communication Exchange

by NCDB on Mar 21, 2018
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This two-part series for families and professionals was recorded in February and March 2018. Presented by Susan M. Bashinski, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator at Missouri Western State University.

Part 1 (February 28) - Laying the Foundation for Communication Exchange: How to Start

Provided a rationale for the argument that all learners communicate—not that they can learn to communicate, but that they already do. The presenter discussed the importance of meeting a child where he or she is and consistently responding to behavior in a predictable way.
Learning objectives:
  1. Explain one way in which 3 or 4 of the key “Communication Reminders” discussed in the webinar can be part of one’s own daily life practice.
  2. Describe elements of a routine that can make a critical contribution to a child’s ability to feel sufficiently safe and secure to reach out to those around her in a communicative manner.
  3. Contrast the differences between (a) nonsymbolic and symbolic and (b) non-intentional and intentional communication.

Part 2 (March 21) - Laying the Foundation for Communication Exchange: Strategies

The second webinar introduced the Communication Matrix assessment as a way for teams to measure communication skills and presented specific strategies to use at home and school to facilitate the development of conventional, intentional communication.

Learning objectives:

  1. Generate at least one example regarding a familiar learner, of how development of different communication modes for receptive and expressive communication might be helpful.
  2. Learn how to develop a pair of receptive and expressive nonsymbolic communication dictionaries for a child.
  3. Learn how to appropriately adapt at least one emergent/early literacy book for a child.

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