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Summit Materials - Project and Data Management

DB Summit 2015

Last edited by Gail Leslie, Jan 14, 2016


Session Abstract

Federal emphasis on the collection and reporting of outcome results has been increasingly problematic for many IDEA Part D funded technical assistance (TA) projects through the years. Identifying, implementing, and analyzing impact data has become a required and vital component of every technical assistance project. Although NCDB and State deaf-blind projects traditionally have done an excellent job of evaluating the effort and output of their services (e.g.; documenting the number of training's conducted, the types of products developed, and the satisfaction of the training participants) measuring the impact, or outcome, of these efforts has been much more challenging. Doing so across multiple sites, while meeting a variety of reporting requirements, exacerbates this difficulty. An outcome-based system aligning multiple aspects of technical assistance including needs assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation activities is critical and requires the use of a common language for collecting, describing and reporting uniform outcomes and performance indicators for children, parents and their families.
Historically, the network has collaborated on project management and data collection activities including the development of common outcome measures for a variety of reporting needs, including OSEP’s annual performance reporting. This session will chart a path forward in this area and identify opportunities for shared work through a facilitated discussion addressing what is currently happening related to outcomes-based evaluation activities within the network, b) the network’s previous work related to outcomes-based evaluation, c) current needs, and d) future network activities that may be useful to meet those needs.

Suggested materials to review prior to the Summit (Please recheck the week prior to the Summit for any additions)

Retrieve the following from

1. The NTAC Outcomes and Performance Indicators: A System for Documenting Outcomes for Children and Youth with Deaf-Blindness, their Families, and the Service Providers and Systems that Serve Them (2008, 2006). Killoran, J.; Davies, P. & McNulty, K., Monmouth, OR: Teaching Research Institute, Western Oregon University.

2. The NCDB Outcomes and Performance Indicators: Literacy (2008). Jacobs, L., Purvis, B., Steele, N. & Taylor, E., Monmouth, OR: Teaching Research Institute, Western Oregon University.

Suggested materials to bring-

A copy of your project’s most recent OSEP Annual Performance Report

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