My Connections

Sheri Stanger
Director of Outreach
CHARGE Syndrome Foundation
Debbie Sanders
Utah Deaf-Blind Project Specialist
Ogden, UT
Ira Padhye
Project Coordinator
Virginia Project for Children and Young Adults with Deaf-blindness
Richmond, VA
Lindsay Orcutt
Teacher of the Visually Impaired/Certified O&M Specialist
Educational Vision Services, NYCDOE
Emma Nelson
Project Coordinator and TA Provider
Emma Nelson
Initiative Lead for Early Identification and Intervention
National Center on Deaf-Blindness
Portland, OR
Susanne Morgan Morrow
Project Director
New York Deaf-Blind Collaborative
Queens , NY
(718) 997-4854
Fax: (718) 997-4883
Susanne Morrow
New York Deaf-Blind Collaborative
Queens, NY
Sam Morgan
Project Co Director
National Center on Deaf-Blindness
Sands Point, NY
Shelby Morgan
Project Specialist
Monmouth, OR
Megan Mogan
Project Specialist
Arizona Deafblind Project
Tucson, AZ
Nichole Miller
Inclusion Support Specialist
Frankie Lemmon School
Myrna Medina
California Deaf-Blind Services
Riverside, CA
Eneida Lamberty
New York Deaf-Blind Collaborative
Queens, NY
Sarah Keyes
Teacher of the Deaf
Childhood Educational Associates and Capital District Beginnings
Clifton Park, NY
Hilary Hodes
Technical Assistance Program Specialist
Virginia Project for Children and Young Adults with Deaf-Blindness
D. Jay Gense
Senior Advisor
Monmouth, OR
Mike Fagbemi
Transition Initiative Lead
Sandspoint, NY
Sue Dell
Sherlock Center on Disabilities-Rhode Island College
Providence, RI
Clara Berg
National Family Association for Deaf-Blind
Sands Point, NY
Marites Altuna
Project Director
Kansas Deaf-Blind Project
Kansas City, KS
(913) 645-5645
Fax: (913) 305-3087

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