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My Connections

Photo for Leslie Bechtel Van Orman
Leslie Bechtel Van Orman
Project Director
Wyoming Project for Children and Youth who are Deaf-Blind
Riverton, WY
(307) 857-9267
TTY: (800) 877-9975 (Wyoming Relay)
Fax: (307) 857-9257
Photo for Mark Schalock
Mark Schalock
Data and Evaluation Coordinator
Monmouth, OR
Photo for Deanna  Rothbauer
Deanna Rothbauer
Project Coordinator & Family Specialist
Minnesota Deafblind Technical Assistance Project
Arden Hills, MN
(800) 848-4905 or (612) 638-1531
Fax: (612) 706-0811
Photo for Lisa  Poff
Lisa Poff
Program Coordinator
Indiana Deaf-Blind Services Project
Terre Haute, IN
(812) 237-7679
Fax: (812) 237-8089
Photo for Patrick  Pillai
Patrick Pillai
Program Administrator
Alaska Dual Sensory Impairment Services
Anchorage, AK
(907) 334-1300
TTY: (907) 563-8284
Fax: (907) 562-0545
Photo for Jerry G. Petroff,  PhD
Jerry G. Petroff, PhD
Principal Investigator
New Jersey Consortium on Deaf-Blindness
Ewing, NJ
(609) 771-2744
Fax: (609) 637-5144
Photo for Robin Greenfield,  Ph.D.
Robin Greenfield, Ph.D.
Project Director
Idaho Project for Children and Youth with Deaf-Blindness
Boise, ID
(208) 364-4012
Fax: (208) 364-4078
Photo for Deborah Telfer,  Ph.D.
Deborah Telfer, Ph.D.
Project Director
Ohio Center for Deafblind Education
Columbus, OH
(614) 897-0020
Photo for Susan Patten
Susan Patten
Project Director
Utah Deaf-Blind Project
Ogden, UT
(801) 380-4938 (Cell), (801) 629-4769 (Office)
TTY: (801) 629-4701
Fax: (801) 629-4758
Photo for Susanne Morgan  Morrow
Susanne Morgan Morrow
Project Director
New York Deaf-Blind Collaborative
Queens , NY
(718) 997-4854
Fax: (718) 997-4883
Photo for Cyral  Miller
Cyral Miller
Director of Outreach Programs, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Texas Deafblind Project
Austin, TX
(512) 206-9242
TTY: (512) 206-9188
Fax: (512) 206-9320
Photo for Peggy Malloy
Peggy Malloy
Coordinator of Information Management and Dissemination
Monmouth, OR
Photo for Tracy Long Neugebauer, M.Ed.
Tracy Long Neugebauer, M.Ed.
Project Director
Delaware Program for Children with Deaf-Blindness
Newark, DE
(302) 735-4210
Fax: (302) 454-3493
Photo for Mellanie  Lee
Mellanie Lee
Project Director Education Specialist
Hawai'i & Pacific Deaf-Blind Consortium
Honolulu, HI
(808) 753-0981
Fax: (808) 956-7878
Photo for Toni  Hollingsworth
Toni Hollingsworth
Project Director
Mississippi Hearing-Vision Project
Hattiesburg, MS
(228) 249-9668 (cell)
Fax: (601) 266-4978
Photo for Heidi  Hollenberger
Heidi Hollenberger
Deaf-Blind Consultant
Wisconsin Deafblind Technical Assistance Project
Baraboo, WI
(608) 356-0235
Fax: (608) 355-2042
Photo for Jan Hearing
Jan Hearing
Project Co-Director
Oregon Deafblind Project
Monmouth, OR
(503) 838-8328
Fax: (503) 838-8150
Photo for Jon Harding
Jon Harding
Director of Instruction/Principal
Kansas State Schools for the Deaf and Blind
Kansas City, KS
Photo for D. Jay Gense
D. Jay Gense
Senior Advisor
Monmouth, OR
Photo for Jeff Denton
Jeff Denton
Lead Web Developer
Monmouth , OR
Photo for MaryAnn  Demchak
MaryAnn Demchak
Project Director
Nevada Dual Sensory Impairment Project
Reno, NV
(775) 784-6471
Fax: (775) 784-4384
Photo for Teresa  Coonts
Teresa Coonts
Project Director
Nebraska Deaf-Blind Project
Omaha, NE
(402) 595-1810
TTY: (402) 595-1810
Fax: (402) 595-2727
Photo for Michelle  Clyne
Michelle Clyne
Project Coordinator
Project Reach: Illinois Deaf-Blind Services
Glen Ellyn, IL
(630) 790-2474
Fax: (630) 790-4893
Photo for Dr. Regina  Bussing
Dr. Regina Bussing
Project Director/ Principal Investigator
Florida and Virgin Islands Deaf-Blind Collaborative
Gainesville, FL
Fax: (352) 273-8539
Photo for Robbin Bull
Robbin Bull
Project Specialist - Technology and Web Support
Monmouth, OR
Photo for Maurice  Belote
Maurice Belote
Project Coordinator
California Deafblind Services
San Francisco, CA
(415) 405-7558
TTY: (415) 405-7560
Fax: (415) 338-2845
Photo for Tanni  Anthony
Tanni Anthony
Project Director
Colorado Services to Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss Project
Denver, CO
(303) 866-6681
Fax: (303) 866-6767
Photo for Marites Altuna
Marites Altuna
Kansas Deaf-Blind Project
Kansas City, KS
(913) 645-5645
Fax: (913) 305-3087

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