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Group Members


Photo for Stacy Aguilera
Stacy Aguilera
Education Specialist
California Deaf Blind Services
Riverside, CA
Photo for Marites Altuna
Marites Altuna
Kansas State School for the Blind
Photo for Tanni Anthony
Tanni Anthony
Colorado Department of Education
Photo for Elizabeth Bell
Elizabeth Bell
Information Specialist
Watertown, MA
Photo for Shawna Benson
Shawna Benson
Program Director - Teaching Diverse Learners Center
OCALI - Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence
Photo for Mike  Bicknell
Mike Bicknell
Grant Technology Specialist
Monmouth, OR
Photo for Jennifer Bigelow-Stambaugh
Jennifer Bigelow-Stambaugh
Michigan's Training and Resource Project (DeafBlind Central)
Photo for Kelly Birmingham
Kelly Birmingham
Program Manager
South Carolina Interagency Deaf-Blind Project
Spartanburg, SC
Photo for Molly Black
Molly Black
Irwin, PA
Photo for Susan Bonner
Susan Bonner
Project Coordinator
St. Louis, MO
Photo for Susan  Brennan
Susan Brennan
Project Coordinator/Consultant
Iowa Deafblind Project
Vinton, IA
Photo for Leslie Buchanan
Leslie Buchanan
Program Specialist
Utah Professional Development Network - Utah State University
Smithfield, UT
Photo for Aaron Buckley
Aaron Buckley
San Francisco Unified School District
Photo for Robbin Bull
Robbin Bull
Project Specialist - Technology and Web Support
Monmouth, OR
Photo for Michelle Clyne
Michelle Clyne
Project Coordinator
Project Reach: IL Deaf-Blind Services
Glen Ellyn, IL
Photo for Danna Conn
Danna Conn
Project Coordinator
Tennessee Deaf-Blind Project
Nashville, TN
Photo for Teresa Coonts
Teresa Coonts
Education Specialist
Nebraska Department of Education
Omaha, NE
Photo for Megan Cote
Megan Cote
Project Specialist- Early Identification/ Referral & Family Engagement
Overland Park, KS
Photo for Jeff Denton
Jeff Denton
Lead Web Developer
Monmouth , OR
Photo for Suzanne  Dinwiddie
Suzanne Dinwiddie
Educatinal Consultant
Tennessee Deaf-Blind Project
Nashville, TN
Photo for Julie Durando
Julie Durando
Project Director VDBP & Consultant NCDB
Partnership for People with Disabilities at Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA
Photo for Karen Florka
Karen Florka
Speech and Language Pathologist
Ann Arbor, MI
Photo for Kattia Franca
Kattia Franca
Ed. Consultant
New England Consortium for Deafblind Technical Assistance and Training
Watertown, MA
Photo for Carly Fredericks
Carly Fredericks
Family Specialist
Center for Sensory and Complex Disabilities at The College of New Jersey
Ewing, NJ
Photo for Hannah Fritz
Hannah Fritz
High School-Deafblindness
The Maryland School for the Blind
Photo for Adam Graves
Adam Graves
Deafblind Education Specialist
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Austin, TX
Photo for Lynne Hamelberg
Lynne Hamelberg
Family Information Specialist
Ohio Center for Deafblind Education
Dublin, OH
Photo for Nancy Hatfield
Nancy Hatfield
Washington State Services for Children with Deaf-Blindness
Renton, WA
Photo for Gina Herrera
Gina Herrera
Project Coordinator
Colorado Services for Children and Youth with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss
Denver, CO
Photo for Krista-Leigh Hodess
Krista-Leigh Hodess
Technical Assistant
SC Interagency Deaf-Blind Project
Spartanburg, SC
Photo for Toni  Hollingsworth
Toni Hollingsworth
Mississippi Hearing-Vision Project
Hattiesburg, MS
228-249-9668 (c)
Photo for Susan Hollis
Susan Hollis
Family Specialist
New England Consortium of Deafblind
Watertown, MA
Photo for Kasey Keith
Kasey Keith
Project Coordinator
Mississippi Hearing-Vision Project
Hattiesburg, MS
Photo for Beth Kennedy
Beth Kennedy
DB Central: Michigan's Training and Resource Project
Photo for Mellanie Lee
Mellanie Lee
Project Director/Education Specialist
Univeristy of Hawai'i, Manoa, Center on Disability Studies
Honolulu, HI
Photo for Gail Leslie
Gail Leslie
 Group Owner
Project Specialist
Monmouth, OR
Photo for Antoinette Libby-Clare
Antoinette Libby-Clare
Special Education Teacher
Florissant, CO
Photo for Yvonne Locke
Yvonne Locke
Windsor, CT
Photo for Heather Joy Magdelano
Heather Joy Magdelano
Family Engagement Coordinator
Arizona Deafblind Project
Phoenix, AZ
Photo for Julie Maier
Julie Maier
Educational specialist
California Deafblind Services
San Francisco, CA
(415) 405-7559
Photo for Peggy Malloy
Peggy Malloy
Implementation Practices Coordinator
Monmouth, OR
Photo for Marina McCormick
Marina McCormick
Region 4 Regional Day School Program for the Deaf Coordinator
Region 4 Education Service Center
Houston, TX
Photo for Linda McDowell
Linda McDowell
Executive Director
National Center on Deaf-Blindness
Monmouth, OR
(503) 838-8503
Photo for Patti McGowan
Patti McGowan
Family Consultant/ Parent
PaTTAN Pennsylvania Deaf-Blind Initiative
North Huntingdon, PA
724-864-2553 or cell 724-989-4640
Photo for Gail McGregor
Gail McGregor
Research Professor
University of Montana
Missoula, MT
(406) 243-2348
Photo for Marcy Meachum
Marcy Meachum
Technical Assistant
South Carolina Deaf-Blind Project
Charleston, SC
Photo for Shelby Morgan
Shelby Morgan
Project Specialist
Monmouth, OR
Photo for Sam Morgan
Sam Morgan
Program Director
National Center on Deaf-Blindness
Sands Point, NY
Photo for Dominique Neebe
Dominique Neebe
Helen Keller National Center
Photo for Emma Nelson
Emma Nelson
Vermont Sensory Access Project
Burlington, VT
(802) 656-1120
Project Director
ND Dual Sensory Project
Fargo, ND
701 239-7376
Photo for Ira Padhye
Ira Padhye
Project Coordinator
Virginia Project for Children and Young Adults with Deaf-blindness
Richmond, VA
Photo for Maggie Rousseau
Maggie Rousseau
Director, Disabilities Ministry
Archdiocese of Atlanta
Smyrna, GA
Photo for Christopher Russell
Christopher Russell
Project Coordinator
New York Deaf-Blind Collaborative
Flushing, NY
Photo for Debbie Sanders
Debbie Sanders
Ogden, UT
Photo for Gwen Sirmans
Gwen Sirmans
Family Support Coordinator
Georgia Sensory Assistance Project
Rome, GA
(706) 346-5646
Photo for Dinell Smith
Dinell Smith
Family Specialist
Kansas State Deaf-Blind Project
Photo for Christine Spratling
Christine Spratling
Georgia Sensory Assistance Project
Rome, GA
Photo for Dee Steinbach
Dee Steinbach
occupational therapist
USD 290 Ottawa Public Schools
Ottawa, KS
Photo for Martha Veto
Martha Veto
Project Coordinator
Georgia Sensory Assistance Project
Macon, GA
Photo for Jana Villemez
Jana Villemez
Family Consultant
CAYSI - Children And Youth with Sensory Impairment and other disabilities
Little Rock, AR
Photo for Shelly Voelker
Shelly Voelker
Doctor of Education
Florida & Virgin Islands Deaf-Blind Collaborative
Photo for Jennifer Walkup
Jennifer Walkup
Educational Consultant
Litt, AR

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