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Lauri Triulzi

Connections Beyond Sight and Sound MD & DC Deaf-blind Project : Project Coordinator
University of Maryland
1220 Benjamin Building
College Park, MD 20742

I live in Washington, DC and I work in DC and Maryland. I am the Project Coordinator for Connections Beyond Sight and Sound, the MD and DC Deaf-Blind Project. I have worked on state Deaf-Blind Projects for the past 17 years. I want to participate in the continued development of the OHOA Intervener Training Modules because this is important and relevant information that needs to be made available to families and professionals. This work provides me with the opportunity work on a project that is and will continue to be valuable to the field of Deaf-Blindness. I look forward to working with the very talented and committed individuals who will be assisting in the development of the OHOA modules. I have participated in, and provided, training and technical assistance activities related to interveners and supporting interveners as part of student teams.

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