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Ira Padhye

Virginia Project for Children and Young Adults with Deaf-blindness : Project Coordinator
Virginia Commonwealth University
P.O. Box 843020
Richmond, VA 23284

Ira Padhye is the Project Coordinator of the Virginia Deafblind Project. Prior to moving to Virginia, she was a Teacher of the Deafblind in the Deafblind Program at the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, MA. Outside the classroom, Ira has presented at educational conferences, workshops, and webinars discussing literacy and adapting the Common Core Curriculum. She has her Masters in Education in Severe Special Needs, with a concentration in Deafblindness from Boston College. Ira participated in the 2012 Project Directors Meeting and other activities as a member of the fourth cohort of the Helen Keller Fellows. She can be reached at 804-828-2052 or

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