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Mike Fagbemi

NCDB : Transition Initiative Lead
141 Middleneck Road
Sandspoint, NY 11050

I have worked at NCDB since 2008 and HKNC since 1996. I am the Transition lead and embrace the opportunity to collaboratively support the needs of young adults and their families.

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Conversations that matter : Transition Recommendations (final) drop in call in Transition

Last post, 2 Mo. Ago by Ellen Condon

Navigating Guardianship :Transitioning Youth & Families to adult systems in Transition

Last post, 3 Mo. Ago by Laura Benge

Deaf-Blind Immersion Experience : Focus on the person - capacity & long term supports in Transition

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Helen Keller National Center - Expanded Field Services to building bridges & capacity along the way in Transition

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What I did on my summer vacation and who paid for it in Transition

Last post, 6 Mo. Ago by Cynthia Ingraham, EdD

The Team Approach for Vocational Success! in Transition

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Person Centered Planning ! in Transition


Fostering Positive work experiences with Vocational Rehabilitation Services in Transition

Last post, 9 Mo. Ago by Cory Parker

Access for all !!! - National Equipment Distribution Program in Transition


Trending Topics announcement - accessing public and community services in Transition


Trending Topics announcement - SSI in Transition

Last post, Jun 21, 2018 by Debra Pickens

Trending Topics announcement ! in Transition

Last post, May 21, 2018 by Deborah Harlin

Trending Topics Announcement - HKNC regional representatives engaging the DB network! in Transition

Last post, Mar 1, 2018 by Sheri Stanger

Transition Initiative Bulletin Board ! in Transition


Transition Institute - Planning for the future & doing it together ! in Transition


Accessing the Dream video product is now available in Spanish! in Transition

Last post, Jan 26, 2017 by Angel Perez

Accessing the Dream! A New Transition Product is Here! in Transition

Last post, Jun 2, 2016 by Toni Hollingsworth

Building local capacity & strategies to facilitate growth in Transition

The Buzz - Post Summit Transition Updates ! in Transition

Last post, Sep 30, 2015 by Linda McDowell

Transition Institute(s) are coming this summer ! in Transition

Vocational Rehabiliation partnering with Higher Ed in your states ? What do you know ? in Transition

Great question posed by a family member... in Transition

Last post, Oct 25, 2014 by Sheri Stanger

Transition initiative launches with the power of networking! in Transition

Last post, Oct 15, 2014 by Emily Taylor-Snell

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Transition Strategies for building capacity in Transition

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Worth looking through! in Family Engagement
Great resource ! in Transition

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