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If you have difficulty accessing Adobe Connect rooms for webinars or meetings, test your system as soon as possible. If you continue to have login issues, you can try adding ?launcher=false to the end of the room URL. In the past it has loaded the page while ignoring the Add-in.

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Why is this happening?

Essentially - for security. Browsers are constantly working to keep ahead of malicious sites and browser add-ons. Programs and features that interact with the browsers must try to keep up and maintain compatibility with newly released requirements. Sometimes we have to go through a few steps to help everything "play right together" as these changes occur.

The Adobe Connect Add-in is a specialized version of Flash Player. Even if the Add-in is installed, Flash Player is still required to start or join a meeting. Adobe Flash Player recently released an update. This may be what is causing the recent trouble. Window users who have their settings so that Adobe automatically installs updates will have had the new release updated. For Window users who have their settings set to be "notified to install updates" will need to restart their system or log out and in to activate the update notification. If the Flash Player has not been updated when you try to access an Adobe Connect meeting you will be prompted to download the latest update. (There is no need to restart your computer if you use the "Update Flash Player" link above.)

Browser Options

If you are experiencing issues with a particular browser, we recommend trying the webinar/meeting link in another browser. Download links are provided below for popular browsers.

Enabling Flash

Browsers have recently disabled Flash by default. Previously it was enabled by default for most browsers. You may need to "Enable" your Flash Player.

Clearing your Cache

If you are still encountering problems you might try clearing your browser cache and trying again. How to clear your browser cache:

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