DB 101: Motor-Movement

Orientation and Mobility (O&M): The Early Years Of Infancy Through Preschool
Discusses the three primary areas that are important for developing O&M within an early intervention program.

The Roots of Orientation and Mobility: Birth to Three Years
Charts the continuum of motor skill development and concepts for the first three years of O&M instruction

An Introduction to Dr. Lilli Nielsen's Active Learning
Dr. Lilli Nielsen's theory of "active learning" is based on the premise that children who are blind with additional disabilities learn best by being actively involved in their environment.  She encourages environments designed to motivate children to reach out and explore.

Space for Active Learning
Children who are deaf-blind need to explore safely in a space that is highly responsive to the smallest movements.

Importance of Orientation and Mobility Skills for Students Who Are Deaf-Blind
Movement is an opportunity to gather sensory information, to communicate, and to make choices. O&Minstruction provides a set of foundational skills that can broaden the student's awareness of the environment, resulting in increased motivation, independence and safety.

Orientation and Mobility for Children Who are Deafblind
Movement is a critical component for the deaf-blind child in perceiving and organizing the world. It is essential for concept development. This fact sheet outlines the basic strategies of O+M for children who are deaf-blind.

Using the Teaching Cane Strategy with Children who are Deaf-Blind
Describes an approach to early cane use that facilitates all areas of development and particularly applicable for children who are deaf-blind.

Hold Everything
These 20 stay put play spaces are designed to promote self-initiated exploration to enable sensory impaired children to use their unique abilities to exercise control over the environment.

Environmental Checklist for Developing Independence
This checklist attempts to look at factors that can be addressed in the visually impaired child's environment that will lead to more independence.  Looks at both the physical and social  environment.

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