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Deaf-Blindness: A Parent's Perspective

I wish I had known in the beginning that deafblindness didn't mean the end of the world for my child. It is just the beginning of an amazing journey through learning and sharing her story. She teaches us every day that disabilities cannot slow you down.

~ Teresa Kreeger, Virginia
adult tactile signing with child

Coming to Terms - Read about Deaf-Blindness from Minnesota's Parent Road Map

Just a Little Further Down the Road - Texas mom Leslie Fansler offers what she has learned in the first ten years of raising her son, Preston.

What's in a Name? - California parent, Jackie Kenley, talks about coming to terms with the diagnosis of Deaf-Blindness.

A Letter to Parents of Deafblind Children - Oregon mom, Wendy White, reflects on the importance of understanding what is important for your child.

You Are Not Alone - Parent Patricia McGill Smith speaks to parents about the emotions that many parents of exceptional children experience.

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