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FEMALE NARRATOR: A title: Meet Jake. Jake sits at a table with his mother, Dee. He operates his communication device, conversing with someone offscreen.

JAKE: Jake Steinbach.

FEMALE VOICE OFFSCREEN: Hi, Jake. How are you?

DEE: Are you going to say hi and answer how are you? Jacob, I know you want to go watch what she’s doing. [pushing buttons on device] She’s asking you…oops…she’s asking you, or she’s saying, “Hi; how are you?”



DEE: And how are you?

JAKE: How are you?

NARRATOR: Jake’s brother Connor joins Dee.

DEE: He just finished school and now has started with a self-directed day service program that we have set up through hiring helpers, and he has a wonderfully set up routine schedule that is stuff that he wants to do out into the community, like bowling and swimming that he does on a regular basis--goes to the library, goes out to lunch, things like that that we have organized for him.

NARRATOR: While Dee spoke photos showed Jake in his cap and gown, Jake's calendar and Jake in the swimming pool. A title: What Has Jake Taught You? Connor sits alone at the table.

CONNOR: Well, he’s taught me how to be patient, that’s for sure, because he does stuff at his own pace.

NARRATOR: Jake’s brother Patrick joins Dee.

OFFSCREEN VOICE: What has he taught you?

PATRICK: That people in this world can be annoying and good at the same time.

NARRATOR: Jake’s dad, Ernie.

ERNIE: The main thing he’s taught me is that you can’t judge a book by its cover. I mean, you can’t look at Jake and just figure out that you’ve figured out he’s a handicapped kid and he can’t do anything. That’s never the truth with Jake. Jake’ll fool you—he can manipulate things better than most normal kids can with computers and laptops and iPads, so that’s the main thing I think Jake’s taught me is you cannot judge a book by its cover.

NARRATOR: While Ernie spoke photos showed Jake at a table and Jake wearing an orange hat. A video clip showed him putting plastic caps on chair legs. Two more photos showed Ernie helping a young Jake put on roller blades and Jake at a bowling alley.

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