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How Jake Communicates

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How Jake Communicates: Transcript

FEMALE NARRATOR: A title: How Jake Communicates. Jake's mother Dee and brother Connor.

DEE: He learned the associations quickly and started stringing words together very quickly and then we had to spell words that we couldn't find and some of the staff had they would practice spelling with him and now he is spelling words that I had no idea he knew how to spell because of just sitting down and having exposure and experience with that, essentially an alternative pencil by using that device not only to string words together but to type and find words by spelling them and that has been huge, because it allowed him to expand his thoughts and ideas and expressing them to others with less frustration and more efficiently not taking days and days and days to communicate a single message.

NARRATOR: While Dee spoke a photo showed Jake and Dee operating his communication device. Another showed them on the beach.

DEE: If he wants to communicate about that topic or idea.

CONNOR:His communication device doesn't have the right word for it he'll find some mish-mash of words to describe it and help you figure it out.

DEE: Or gesture or point or it take you somewhere and will persist..

CONNOR: ..until you get it.

DEE: ..until you get it even if it that takes days for you to get it..

NARRATOR:A photo showed Jake leaning his head against Dee's another showed Jake and an adult male outside touching an informational sign about a dinosaur.

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