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Communication is a Two-Way Street

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Communication is a Two-Way Street: Transcript

NARRATOR: A title: Two-Way Communication is Key. Jake's mother Dee.

DEE: Taking the time to get to know their unique system and what they see as important in the world to build that emotional relationship is key, it's foundational for everything because for Jake he learned very, very quickly, everyone who's ever worked with him usually within a day or two whether they were interested in taking the time to communicate with him or not. And if he felt that they were interested in communicating with him he was able to build a relationship and learn to communicate with them somehow - even if it was different than the way he communicated with me. But if they didn't give him that time to really connect to communicate he wouldn't try to even initiate communication with them, he just didn't give him the time of day and because of that he was viewed by many people as not capable of being able to communicate even though he was. It was how they responded that told him you're not worth my time and energy to try to keep building that communication. Because it was hard and he had to put a lot of effort into it, and because of the volume of effort he had to put in if you're not gonna respond to my attempts why would I keep trying?

NARRATOR: While Dee spoke photos showed a young Jake wearing a purple costume with large eyes on it, a young Jake sitting with a toy in his hand and Jake and a woman sitting at a table with a stuffed bird.

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