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Good Communication Practices (Part 2)

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Good Communication Practices (Part 2): Transcript

FEMALE NARRATOR: A title: Jake Builds a Full Sentence. Jake sits at a table with his mother, Dee. His communication device is in front of him.

DEE: Type the sentence.

Well, you can type it.

JAKE: I want.

DEE: Do you want to...


DEE: Fix or learn to fix?

Do you want to fix?

JAKE: Fix.

DEE: I want to fix what? I want to fix...

JAKE: I want to fix.

DEE: I'm listening, I want to fix what?

JAKE: Train. I want to fix train.

DEE: Okay. That's a good sentence.



JAKE: Build.

DEE: I don't know what that means. Talk to me.

JAKE: Help?

DEE: Okay.

The word fix is right here.

JAKE: Fix.

DEE: And the word build is right there.

JAKE: Build. Build.

DEE: Oh, what do you want to build? Build what?

JAKE: Train.

DEE: I'm listening.

JAKE: Remote control. Build train remote control.

DEE: You want to build train remote control. I am.. Okay! Should we record that and put that on here?

Okay! Alright!

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