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Good Communication Practices (Part 3)

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Good Communication Practices (Part 3): Transcript

FEMALE NARRATOR: A title: Jake and His Mom Discuss Shopping. Jake sits at a table with his mother, Dee. During the conversation they both operate his communication device.

*Device beeping.*


DEE [using device]:Yes.

Piano. Yes Walmart has piano.

DEE: Walmart does have a piano Jake..

DEE [using device]: What

do you




What do you want piano for?

JAKE: I want

DEE: I'm listening, don't pull.

JAKE: See.


DEE: That one says CD player, that one says piano.

JAKE: Piano. Package. Yes I want piano package.

DEE: Okay.

DEE [using device]: Money, do you have all the money?


How much money do you need to buy piano?

DEE: There's the 8 and there's the 5. I know they need to be color coded, don't they?

JAKE: 8. 8.

DEE: Oops. Okay listen, look. I need to color code these because you can't see them very good. Delete character, there's the 5 right there.

Jake: 5.

DEE: They're not color coded are they? Alright.

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