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Things Jake Likes

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Things Jake Likes: Transcript

FEMALE NARRATOR: A title: Things Jake Likes. Jake's mother, Dee and brother, Connor.

DEE: And he loves machines. Anything that has to do with machines. Plugging things in, unplugging them, turning them on, figuring out how they work.

CONNOR:Taking everything apart.

DEE: Taking things apart..

CONNOR: And not quite putting them back together again. DEE: Yeah.

NARRATOR: A series of photos showed Jake using a small screwdriver, a video showed Jake working with the wiring on the back of a stove. A photo shows Jake working on an upside down toy police car. Connor sits alone at a table.

CONNOR: He enjoys seeing lights flash in the dark. He also likes to explore new things.

NARRATOR: A photo shows Jake on a two person tricycle with his dad. Another shows a young Jake and another boy on a racecar carnival ride.

CONNOR: If there's a new vehicle or, like.. like, if there's a box on the table that isn't open he's got to be the first to see what is in the box. Because it is new, he's gotta explore he's gotta figure it out.

NARRATOR: A photo shows a young Jake playing a plastic trombone.

CONNOR: Even when he buys new stuff that comes in a box he will take it apart very slowly because he wants to observe everything there is about it.

NARRATOR: A series of photos show the Mamba, a huge metal roller coaster.

CONNOR: He always likes sitting up front riding the Mamba. It's always gotta be UP FRONT. He always prefers to be up in the front of the roller coaster where all of the fun is.

FEMALE OFFSCREEN VOICE: How do you know if he loves something?

CONNOR: When he loves something? When you hear him cackle. You see him grin.

NARRATOR: A photo shows Jake playing with an inflatable ball with a huge smile on face.

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