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Things to Know About Jake

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Things to Know About Jake: Transcript

FEMALE NARRATOR: A title: What Do You Want Others To Know About Jake? Jake's brother, Connor.

FEMALE VOICE OFFSCREEN: What do you want people to know about your brother?

CONNOR: That he's unique and special in many ways. And he's smarter than people give him credit for. Much Smarter. In a lot of ways too smart for his own good! Because he always manages to get into everything. Even when he is not suppose to. I remember one time he decided he wanted to see what was all the presents under the Christmas tree. And he waited, he was smart enough to wait until everyone was asleep before he snuck out and opened all of them. That's where we found him the next day sleeping on the floor with all of the unwrapped gifts all over the place.

NARRATOR: While Connor spoke photos showed a very young Jake with an infant Connor, Jake and Connor recently wearing suits ties and hats, and a young Jake wearing a purple costume with large eyes on it. Jake's mother, Dee and brother, Connor.

DEE: He has an amazing memory. He remembers stuff that I had totally forgotten, whether it was five seconds ago or five weeks ago..

CONNOR: And five years ago.

DEE: Sometimes five years ago.

NARRATOR: Jake's dad, Ernie.

ERNIE: I think the main thing I would like them to know is that just because they are deaf-blind doesn't mean they can't interpret the area around them. They they learn to compensate that just by touching things sometimes, just by looking at things differently. I mean a lot of people think that Jake is ignoring them when he is not looking straight at them, and actually he sees better when he is looking at an angle more than straight on, so.. You have to look at things like that.

NARRATOR: While Ernie spoke photos showed Jake at a bowling alley and Jake in the snow wearing a ski helmet.

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