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Transitions: Transcript

FEMALE NARRATOR: A title: Transition. Jake's mother, Dee.

DEE: He is so excited and motivated to earn money to do things, to go places, to go get things, to see things, that I am hoping that he can have a job that is what he wants to do so he can earn the money that he wants to earn, to do things he wants to do. And then eventually find a place that he's comfortable and happy living with, with whatever supports that he needs to be as independent as he can in that setting and I can be a typical mom that goes and visits her son or her son comes to visit me.

NARRATOR: While Dee spoke photos showed Jake posed in black clothing and a black hat. And Jake warming up food in a pizza warmer. Jake's mother, Dee and brother, Connor.

DEE: Right now he is working toward a job in laundry. He loves to unload and load washing machines, so we have that ball rolling. We're not quite there yet. Not quite employed, but he is out on a job search at the moment.

NARRATOR: A video clip shows Jake unloading a dryer.

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