Intervener Services Initiative

Intervener Services Initiative

For many children who are deaf-blind, intervener services in educational settings can provide access to learning, the general curriculum, educational environments, and teachers and peers. The purpose of NCDB's Intervener Services Initiative is to improve and expand intervener services throughout the U.S.

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Recommendations to Improve Intervener Services

OHOA Intervener Learning Modules

Intervener Services and Interveners in Educational Settings - Definition

Definition of Intervener Services and Interveners in Educational Settings Technical Report

Intervener Services Data Summaries

Moving Forward with Intervener Services Recommendations (Deaf-Blind Perspectives, Fall 2012)

OHOA Intervener Learning Modules 

A national resource designed to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills related to intervention for students who are deaf-blind.  

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Current Projects 

(Recommendations 1 and 2)
Contact person: Peggy Malloy

Development of guidelines for IEP teams 
(Recommendation 2)
Contact person: Peggy Malloy

Development of open access intervener learning modules
(Recommendation 3)
Contact person: Amy Parker

Intervener Certification/Credentialing
(Recommendation 5)
Contact Person: John Killoran

Family Training
(Recommendation 8)


Intervener Services Technical Work Group

IEP Team Discussion Guide Work Group

Home and Community Intervener Work Group

Intervener Services Family Issues Work Group

Interveners for Infants and Toddlers Work Group         

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