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How Jake Communicates Now (1:18 min)
Good Communication Practices (3 part = 10 min)
Communication is a Two-Way Street (1:28 min)
Providing Explanations (2:22 min)

How Jake Communicates Now

Expressive communication: Jake uses a combination of a communication device, sign language, and gestures to express himself.

Receptive communication: He is primarily an auditory learner, but cannot process sounds consistently.  For example, he might hear only 4 out of 8 words that you say.  He also uses his vision to see other people’s signs and gestures.

For the last four years, Jake has been using a communication device called a Vantage Lite from Prentke Romich.  It is a voice output system with icons that allow Jake to have a wider array of words to express his wants and needs. In this video, Jake's mom describes how he uses this device.

How Jake Communicates Transcript
How Jake Communicates Video Description

Good Communication Practices

In the next video, Jake and Dee are having a conversation about budgeting. Dee has excellent communication partnering skills. Some that you will see include:

  • wait time

  • asking clarifying questions

  • using the device herself

  • positioning herself at Jake’s eye level and close enough that he can touch her

Notice that Jake often touches Dee’s arm and hand. She is not prompting or guiding his hand.

"From Jake's perspective, I don't think he feels he's communicating with you or you with him unless you are in physical contact or within touching distance. He will not talk to me with his communication device unless my hand is on his elbow or he has a hold of my hand.  He feels like he needs to be able to touch communication partners in order to socially communicate with them. That sometimes can be a barrier with unfamiliar people."  - Dee

The next two videos show additional examples of Jake learning through conversations with Dee. It's so important to take time to have conversations that really allow students to fully express their thoughts and needs. 

Good Communication Practices (2) Transcript
Good Communication Practices (2) Video Description

Good Communication Practices (3) Transcript
Good Communication Practices (3) Video Description

Communication is a Two-Way Street

Providing Explanations

Because he can’t easily access visual and auditory information, Jake needs people to let him know what is happening and what will be happening.  This is true for most children who are deaf-blind.

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