Meet Jake

Jake Steinbach

Meet Jake Steinbach. He is 22 years old and just graduated from high school. Jake currently lives with his mom (Dee), dad (Ernie), and brothers, Connor and Patrick, in Lawrence, Kansas. 

Jake's deaf-blindness was caused by a neural tube defect and hydrocephalus. He has cortical visual impairment and a mild high-frequency hearing loss. He also has a conductive hearing loss and auditory processing disorder. He wears a hearing aid in his left ear, but does not tolerate one in the right.

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Click on any of the image links below to learn more about Jake in the areas of Communication, Literacy, Movement, Transition, Empowerment and Teaming. You do not need to access these in any particular order.


Jake takes a selfie with his mother Dee's face popping in behind him at an angle over his right shoulder


Jake's communication clipboard hangs on the wall


Jake sits on the floor in his father's lap, while his dad puts skates on him


Jake smiles in a cap and gown


Jake as a young boy stands on a chair in his room and reaches for something


Jake as a teenager dressed up nicely with brother Connor

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